What Is A Home Scope Inspection?

Let Hearth & Home Inspections give you a full picture of your property with our Scoping Services.

Whether you’re concerned about your sewer system or your HVAC floor duct system, we can provide a thorough, videoed tour of your system and inform you of any issues that may cause problems for you down the road. Our inspectors will look for any deterioration, blockage, damage or debris within your system and provide you with a complete representation of the property. We will also provide recommendations for repairs or maintenance, if necessary, during your in-person review and on the final report. Bundle our Scope Services with your General Home Inspection to save money and truly know your home before you own your home.

Feature 1

Sewer Line Scope – Our inspectors use industry-leading scope and camera equipment to visually inspect all sewer lines connected to your property. We will inform you of any damage to the lines, blockages, roots growing into the drain system or deterioration of the pipes we can see. Our inspectors will also visually inspect the connection of the sewer line to the city main to make sure it’s intact and in good condition.

Feature 2

Floor HVAC Duct System Scope – Our inspectors will visually inspect the duct systems and plenum(s) throughout the home with our industry-leading scope and camera equipment. This is generally for slab duct systems only.

Feature 3

Have further questions about your scope results or systems as a whole? Our inspectors are always available via phone or email following your inspection services to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will do everything we can to make sure you know your home before you own your home.

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