What Is A Water Well Inspection?

Water wells can provide a property a convenient source of water. However, the parts of a water well and the maintenance required can be confusing. Let Hearth & Home’s knowledgeable inspectors provide you a thorough inspection of your water well system and explain all its ins and outs. We will educate you on all the systems parts, as well as test the water for bacteria at a certified DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) lab and visually inspect all equipment. As one of the few inspection companies in the state to provide Water Well Inspections as well as General Home Inspections, let Hearth & Home be your one stop shop for all your home inspection needs.

Feature 1

Hearth & Home’s knowledgeable inspectors will perform a visual inspection of all exterior components, including the well’s casing, cap, electric system and the well itself.

Feature 2

Our inspectors will check the condition of the well’s pressure tank, pressure switch and gauges, as well as any filtration equipment associated with the system.

Feature 3

Included in your Water Well Inspection is a bacteria test of the water performed at a certified DEQ lab. Our inspectors will take a water sample and hand-deliver it to the DEQ laboratory to perform the testing. The test results will be reported to Hearth & Home Inspections within 24-48 hours and will be included on your final inspection report.

Feature 4

While the bacteria water test is included in your Water Well Inspection, many other water tests are available upon your request. Feel free to ask your inspector for recommendations based on your property, system and area.

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